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Did you know that when we describe on our packaging that all fairies existed a long time ago that this is totally true!?! It was actually soooo long ago it is hard for us to imagine, but the Fairy Council have helped us piece together this wonderful story and we here at The Irish Fairy Door Company would love to tell you about it.

fairylandIt all started about 600 years ago. Back then, the fairies were spread far and wide and families were so scattered that many of them did not even know about one another! All fairies used to live in a lush green valley in the very middle of Ireland and because human homes were so few, fairies used to live under toadstools and in the hollows of trees (this is actually how fairy rings first appeared, a fairy would live under a toadstool and lots of other ones would pop up, often in circles). However fairies were often lonely.. As we said, there weren’t that many humans around then and we all know that a fairies greatest joy is to be loved by a human.

Many of the fairies were content going about their little lives. All except one.. A fairy who was very quiet, shy and unsure of herself: a fairy named Kate.

Kate had a huge imagination and always believed that anything is possible! She dreamed of far off lands and new places and lots and lots of humans to help and protect. She really felt that there was more to being a fairy than what everyone else thought.
That very night, as Kate flew by the shore of the Great Sea something across the water far far away caught her eye! Normally Kate loved to watch her fairy dust sparkle in the water’s reflection as she flew but this was different.. This light was not fairy dust! It looked like a human light, from a human home – ‘but how could that be’, she wondered when the only few humans that existed lived here in this valley, didn’t they? Kate knew she had to investigate further but was afraid that none of the other fairies would listen to her or believe her. Swallowing down all her self-doubt Kate raced backed to the valley and found two fairies she had seen before. She brought them back to the shore with her and all three stood there staring out into the night, when suddenly the light went out
Arthur turned his head sharply towards Kate and with his eyes wide with hope he said ‘Could it be??’. Kate smiled broadly, feeling brave she started to explain what she thought the light was and how important it was to find out more. ‘Do you really think there are more humans out there? Surely the few humans that exist live here is this valley?” Anne said, confused. Kate felt so sure she was right. “There are more humans over there and maybe even more after that, I would bet my magic on it” she gushed. Both Arthur and Anne looked at Kate with wonder. They had seen her around the valley before but she was usually so quiet and generally kept to herself. ‘What do we do?’ Arthur asked, Kate’s excitement contagious.. ‘We call a meeting’ Kate said stunning the fairies again. A meeting? They had never had one of those! Either way it sounded exciting so they all raced off in different directions to find as many fairies as they could and bring them to this meeting.

The following night all the fairies that could be found were sitting in a circle, protected by toadstools. Arthur was the first to speak describing to all the others what they had seen the night before. The fairies listened in wonder and when he had finished, everyone sat there in stunned silence. ‘We must go see for ourselves’, Kate said. ‘There may be more humans who need us, who need some magic in their lives, who need to believe’. It was decided there and then that a scout fairy should be sent to check this far off land. A very brave strong fairy named Finn was chosen. Kate led him to the spot they had seen the light the night before and there it was again. Kate lay her hand on Finn’s arm
‘I know there is more for us Finn’, she paused ‘Do you believe?’. But before she could hear this answer, he flew off, heading for the light. Kate sank to her knees and sat on the soft sand and watched the light. She so desperately wanted to be right and to encourage her fairy friends to believe that there is more out there for them. After a long long time, Kate couldn’t stop herself from falling asleep and did not hear Finn return. He gently rocked her awake. Her eyes flew open and she searched his face for any sign of what he had discovered. A smile as wide as the sea he had just crossed spread across his face.. ‘I Believe Kate, I really do!’, he said in his deep little fairy voice and Kate’s felt as though she would burst with joy! She hugged him tightly before both fairies set off for the others to tell them the great news. The fairies cheered and danced all night long! They were in awe of Kate. She had such vision, such passion. How did they not see it before? Kate began to take charge of the plans. ‘But there are so few of us’ one fairy said sadly. Just then, twinkling lights and lots of swishing fairy wings could be heard from above. To their amazement, fairies started descending from all angels around them. ‘We have just heard of your great discovery Kate. We have travelled from all the corners of Ireland to come and see what we can do. We need to bring magic into all human’s lives. Everyone needs to believe’.

The rest as they say is history! Kate, Arthur, Anne, Finn and the other fairies worked tirelessly to allocate fairies to their new human homes. Not long after the National Fairy Council was set up and Kate and the others all became elders, with Kate widely known as the Head of the Fairy Council. Nowadays, fairies go through a lengthy training period before the council sends them to your homes.

Kate still remains The Head of the Fairy Council and has told us on numerous occasions how happy she is that we decided to make our little doors for them. Did you know that fairies themselves can make their own doors? The only problem is that to make one door can take up to 1 year for a fairy. We are so thrilled to be able to help out little winged friends out!

Although fairies don’t actually have Kings or Queens, Kate is widely regarded as the Fairy Queen. She regularly visits fairies in their human homes, which is considered a huge honour to both fairy and human. So how will you know if Kate has been to your house to visit?? She has a beautiful natural floral scent and it lingers in the air, wherever she goes. If she visits you, there will also be a path of flower petals leading up to your fairy door. Maybe you will be one of the families that Kate comes to visit? If you are, feel very lucky because she only visits the best fairies there are xx



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