Greenwings 2019

All fairy friendly families out there across the world: we are once again looking for support for fairies in training!

As we all know, fairies attend Fairy School to learn how to be house fairies. There are a great deal of subjects and topics for fairies to learn and in
the end they must pass all areas in order to qualify for selection to be a house fairy. At the moment, Fairy Valley is training unprecedented numbers
of fairies in order to meet the requests coming in from human families all across the globe. With this in mind, Fairy Valley is continuing with a very
special scheme which uses the skills and knowledge of working house fairies to help fairies in training.

So we are looking for families out there to volunteer to take in a fairy student, known around the valley as a Greenwing. When we asked why they were called
Greenwings, we got this response from Anne, Head of Fairy Self Presentations:

“Fairies in training have long been referred to as Greenwings, it is a symbolic term to mirror the brightest, most vibrant colour in nature. When fairies first come to be they are fresh, alive and new like summer where everything is green and bright. As fairies grow with love and belief, they settle into themselves and become a lot more at ease with who they are. Until a fairy is placed to work in a home or a job in the Valley, they are referred to as Greenwings. All Greenwings are cherished by the Valley and each fairy goes out of their way to ensure all Greenwings reach their maximum potential. They are our future and we look after them always.”

There is very little required from families because your fairy will do all of the training, but there will be some things to consider before volunteering…

Things required from host homes:

  • Provisions: Extra raisin to be left out for duration of a Greenwing’s stay
  • Love: An extra drawing or two for the special guest – as all fairies grow with love and belief a little human interaction would be an added benefit
  • Understanding: Humans should announce they are up in the morning – Greenwings are still in training and the last thing we want is a human coming face to
    face with a young fairy still out and about early in the morning so simply saying “we are awake” to your room before you open your eyes fully.
  • Patience: House fairies collecting teeth will bring a Greenwing with them for the live experience so if your tooth is under your pillow please allow for
    a little rummaging around underneath. They are only learning and may cause a little discomfort while they search for a tooth.
  • Guidance: after a night or two dream watching and the like, a young Greenwing may have a couple of questions for you. If it is not too much trouble answering
    these for the young fairy as it will help round their education and give them a huge amount of insight into the workings of humans. Questions may include: