Now that you have chosen your door, you need to name your fairy!

With registration you can name your fairy and you will immediately receive an email with your Official Fairy Lease Agreement (household rules for your fairy and little human friend to follow).

You no longer need to enter the secret code, all of our magic is 100% available right here on our website.

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    • You get you UNLIMITED access to Magical Matters
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    • Be the FIRST to hear important fairy news from Queen Kate and The National Fairy Council

    Need Some help with magic?

    Registering your fairy name and using the Official Fairy Lease Agreement is as important as leaving out the Magic Key overnight - it is another magical way to confirm that your fairy has moved in!

    Reading and sharing the enchanting stories sent to us from Fairy Valley and published in Magical Matters will describe the goings on that have fairies talking and how to get their little human friends to engage, interact and help their fairy!

    Included in Magical Matters:

    • Enchanting and uplifiting fairy stories
    • Children’s activities
    • There are Frequently Asked Fairy Questions such as When does my fairycome to me? What should I do with my door? Where should I leave my tooth when it falls out? And lots more!
    • Fairy Facts – tips and tricks all about what fairies like (and don’t like!). Did you know fairies shed their wings twice a year? Fairies sleep mostly during the day and come out at night. What does the scent of strawberries means?
    • A gallery of how other fairies around the world have settled into their human home

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    We help fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality fairy doors. Our aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic all year round – all YOU need to do is believe!

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