"Worry Plaque"

Let the fairies take your worries away
A contribution from the Sale of every Worry Plaque will be donated to the BBC Children In Need Fundraising effort in the UK and to Barnardos in Ireland
Featuring at the Heart of the

BBC "Children In Need" 
2020 Charity Single
 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'

In association with Tipperary Crystal
"Exclusive Partner to The Irish Fairy Door Company

Since 2013, the Irish Fairy Door Company has been creating memorable family moments and pure joy for Children. Indeed the brand has succeeded in "Bringing a Little Magic" into the home for families worldwide.

Continuing with the commitment to providing joy, the Company is delighted to have been featured at the very heart of the Star-Studded BBC "Children In Need" 2020 Charity Single 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'.

For years, the Company has supported many Charities worldwide and to now be organically selected for such a poignant video, is an incredible testament to the provenance of the brand.

The special product featured in the Official video is the hugely popular Worry Plaque by the Irish Fairy Door Company.

The beauty of the Worry Plaque is that it was 100% inspired by children. Having a fairy living in the home brings so much magic and happiness but the Irish Fairy Door team also noted that the fairy was also a source of worry relief for children. Children would confide their worries in their fairies, which inspired the Irish Fairy Door Company to create the Worry Plaque.

Describing the Worry Plaque, the Irish Fairy Door Director, Niamh Sherwin Barry commented:

"Our Worry Plaque is infused with a very special magic which enables the fairies to listen to your worry once your hand is placed on the plaque and it is glowing red. Once the fairies have heard your worry, the plaque will then glow green showing that the worry has now been taken away. The fairies then grind each worry down into a very fine wish granting dust that can be used by a child somewhere else in the world.

Apart from the fairy doors themselves the Worry Plaque has been the most successful product we have created. The feedback has been unanimously positive! We have heard so many incredible stories of how it has helped children all over the world. We are so very proud of that!

Having the Worry Plaque feature on the official Children in Need 2020 charity single is just a dream come true. Being associated with such a powerful movement is just amazing! But most of all, growing the awareness for our magic little plaque and how it can genuinely help a little person in distress is just priceless to us.
Never underestimate the power of fairy magic!!

To further reinforce the Power of Fairy Magic - a contribution from the Sale of every Worry Plaque will be donated to the BBC Children In Need Fundraising effort in the UK and to Barnardos in Ireland. 

Indeed, this development poignantly marks a New Era for The Irish Fairy Door Company as they recently announced an Exclusive Partnership with premier Irish Giftware Brand - Tipperary Crystal. Accordingly, Tipperary Crystal are providing the platform for Product Development, Worldwide Distribution, Marketing and future expansion for the Irish Fairy Door Brand.

In addition to the Irish Fairy Door Plaque, the Company are announcing a host of new Magical products to their collections, designed to bring even more joy to homes worldwide.

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